Video – Harvey Weinstein – Hollywood’s Secret Scandal – Sky News Reports

  Video Updated and Published on Oct 15, 2017 by Sky News – Hollywood’s Secret Scandal. The sex allegations surrounding movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is a scandal that has rocked Hollywood.  

Video – Special Report – America’s Deadliest Shooting Updated – Sky News Reports

Video Published on Oct 2, 2017 – The shooting in Las Vegas was the most deadly in modern American history.¬†The gunman killed at least 50 people and injured more than 500 others when he opened fire from the 32nd floor of a hotel. His motive is – at this stage – unclear but the volume […]

Video – Hugh Hefner dies aged 91 – Sky News Reports

  Video Published on Sep 28, 2017 – Video Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner has died at the age of 91. In a statement, Playboy Enterprises said Mr Hefner died peacefully at his home from natural causes. It read: “Hugh M Hefner, the American icon who in 1953 introduced the world to Playboy magazine and […]

Video – Hurricane Harvey – Houston Under Water – Sky News Reports

A Must See Video…¬†Published on Aug 29, 2017 – Houston Under Water. Tens of thousands of people have had to flee their homes in Houston, Texas, as a result of flooding caused by Tropical Storm Harvey. Sky News Correspondent Ashish Joshi reports.  

Video – Theresa May: Manchester Attack was “appalling, sickening cowardice” – Sky News

Published on May 23, 2017 – Theresa May says the deadly Manchester Attack was an act of “appalling, sickening cowardice”.

Video – Raised under Islamic State – Sky News

  Published on Mar 27, 2017 Anna Botting reports from a refugee camp outside Mosul where humanitarian agencies are attempting to provide a generation of children raised under the brutal conditions of Islamic State “the quiet miracle of a normal life”.   Related articles Refugees from western Mosul beyond 200.000: parliament committee Almost 2,400 Iraqis […]

Video – Exodus from Mosul – Sky News

  Published on Mar 26, 2017 Each day an exodus of thousands flee from Mosul in the hope of finding safety.   Related articles Civilian Deaths Surging In Iraq’s West Mosul Invasion Mosul victims treated for chemical agents as displacement accelerates Battle for Mosul: Iraqi forces ‘block key road to Tal Afar’ Islamic State uses […]

Video – Front line – the Battle for Mosul – Sky News

  Published on Mar 26, 2017 Alex Crawford reports from the front line in the battle to retake Mosul from Islamic State.   Related articles Mosul victims treated for chemical agents as displacement accelerates Islamic State uses 700,000 civilians as shields to slow Mosul fight, slips out with refugees Islamic State militants blow up 14 […]

Video – London Terror Attack – “We are not afraid”, says PM Theresa May in Commons speech – Sky News

  Published on Mar 23, 2017 London Terror Attack: “We are not afraid”, says PM Theresa May in Commons speech. Prime Minister Theresa May speaks in the House of Commons following the terror attack in Westminster, saying “democracy will prevail”.   Related articles BREAKING: London terror attacker named as violent criminal Khalid Masood Barack Obama […]

Video – Witnesses to London terror attack in Westminster near Parliament – Sky News

Published on Mar 22, 2017 “People were screaming… something bad was happening”: Witnesses to the London terror attack speak to Sky News.    

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